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About Us

Wuvve started with the desire to create affordable yet classy jewelry that also stands out. In the first months we designed all sorts of earrings and other fashion accessories for women, but after a lot of trial and error we only ended up with a couple of designs we actually liked.
Upon looking at those designs we had a conversation which changed the way we were working until then. We realized that we had been trying to make art for women to wear and be proud of. But it’s actually the other way around. As much as our designs are works of art, you are a work of art as well. We were trying to create art, but the art was already there.
We shifted our idea of making art for women to start with the art that is already here and simply accentuating the beauty of a woman.
Our next earring was the one that is still bought the most today, the Abstract Lady. Which now also represents the philosophy behind Wuvve. There’s already art. We now simply want to put it more in the spotlights.
We’re also proud to tell you that we are collaborating with Against Breast Cancer UK ( and donating part of our monthly revenue to them. We believe strongly that, next to spreading the beauty there already is in the world through art and fashion, we should also give back. You can find us on their site via this link:
So we continue to spread art to all you lovely works of art out there, and together we can make the world a prettier and better place!