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Our Story

Wuvve has the desire to present affordable yet classy fashion that makes you stand out. We don’t create art. We just highlight the art that is already there, you.

We want to share this philosophy through our platform and in our clothing. At the same time we want to give back. Which is why we share a part of our profits with the Against Breast Cancer association.


So our story has three simple parts.


You are art.


We want our accessories to stand out but not to showcase the accessories itself. Rather we want our items to focus on the person who wears them. Hence, “we don’t create art. We just highlight the art that is already there, you.”


For this reason we like to incorporate the human body in our designs. We start with the art that is already there. Then we simply accentuate the beauty of the human being. This is very visible in our most loved item, the Abstract Lady Earrings.

There already is beauty. We simply want to put it more in the spotlights by creating fashion with a story. Which brings us to the second part of our story.


Spread the love.


Happiness and love are the only things that multiply when you share them. We believe meaning is a big factor in achieving happiness, love or any good feeling. That’s why we love to start with a why.


All of our products have a short and simple philosophy, which can be funny, motivational or meaningful. There's a story or motivation behind every item. We believe that when a person knows what she or he is wearing, it is worn with more confidence. 

We encourage everyone to be proud of yourself. To be who you want to be and wear what you want to wear.


Story is meaning. Meaning is love. So spread the story and spread the love. We promise that the more you share it, the more we shall give back.


Give back.


We are lucky to have people who share our ideology and who are part of our community. A big “thank you” to everyone who buys our items and wears them with pride. Without you we wouldn’t exist. Without you we wouldn’t strive.


And when things are good for yourself, it’s time to give back as well. That’s why we are collaborating with the Against Breast Cancer organization.

We believe strongly that, next to emphasizing the beauty there already is and spreading the love, we should also give back. 


We will continue to grow our collections so all of you, lovely pieces of art, can wear them with love and pride. 


You are art.

Spread the love.

Give back.


You can find us on the Against Breast Cancer website here: